Limerick time

Now, the rules are – basic limerick form, last line allowed to be out of order, current affairs is the field.? One or five I whipped up:

Known to many as Tessa
A rotter her party confess ‘er
Loved only by Don
They pretend to get on
But actually he can’t stand the sight of this bint

Sparkle failed in LA as a cutie
After making downpayment of booty
She wanted a Brit
Saw this redheaded git
And thought ah, I could do with a bit of that, I could

Spice Girls, it seems, were quite bad
Audiences hissed but at least were quite glad
Posh couldn’t be a**ed
“It’s all in the past
Besides, I want ’em all worshipping me, not them.”

Director of Bond took a walk
The launch no one’s topic of talk
All the issues do rankle
Craig D broke his ankle
Time to give it away, methinks

We’re pardoning many said the Don
But first they gotta do wrong
Quite easy with Flynn
And those GIs are in
But let’s see Clinton beg on her knees

Over to you, citizens.

Ethiopian church forests

At Amusing Planet:

Churches in Ethiopia have always been covered by small forests. Locals believe that the forest protects the sacredness of the church. The tree canopy, they say, prevent prayers from being lost to the sky.

The forests are as old as the churches themselves, planted by the local communities at the same time the churches were being built. This makes some of these fertile oases over 1,500 years old.

The forests are protected by the religious stewards and the communities around them, making these priests, monks, nuns, and the disciples the unlikely guardians of their country’s last remaining forests.

Compare that to the Muslims:

How to spot the far left

Take, for example, the British Army brass [the donkeys part of lions led by donkeys]:

[Even with enhancement, I couldn’t get this quite legible, use Ctrl and + keys to enlarge pic.]

Time to trot out the American equivalent again, our Christy:

Whoever put out that poster at the top really needs to be courtmartialled and/or drummed out of the service.

[H/T @higgyboson]

Saturday three

1. Lovely to see:

2. Not good at what they do:

3. The stakes can be high:

The old saying that academic politics are so vicious because the stakes are so low is a little misleading: the stakes can be very high for individual academics, determining whether they have a job or are out on the street.

4. This is about the only one I like this week, the streamline moderne caravan [you will most likely differ of course]:

5. Interesting:

PwC just studied the world’s top 2,500 corporations and reported that in 2018 a record percentage of CEOs left their positions, either voluntarily or having been forced out.

And for the first time in the 15-or-so years of this study, more left because of moral failures than any other reason. In the past, poor financial performance was typically the run-away #1 reason for CEOs moving on.

But in 2018, 39% left due to ethical violations as compared to only 35% for poor financial performance. In 2008, only 10% of CEOs departed because of moral lapses, and the percentage was less than 25% in 2013.

6. Pseudo-science news?

7. Last but not least:

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

Saturday too

1. For our American readers:

2. She’s a grandmother – like, wow. Why can’t we guys age this way? @codeofvets Gretchen Smith:

3. Meanwhile, back over here, Mudgie hits the nail on the head:

4. Back over there – a mini-quiz – her name is Trisha Anderson, why is she in the news big time?

5. Struggling awake here in order to do pre-brekky. What did you have?

4. The answer: